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Our activities and achievements in the Netherlands

Travelling without barriers

To keep rail travel attractive, we are investing in forms of transport that complement the train. This helps us ensure a pleasant journey to and from the station and make the door-to-door journey more convenient.

Ease of payment in public transport

NS is participating in the OV Payment programme launched by the NOVB (National Public Transport Council). The programme was set up to offer easier and additional payment options for public transport passengers.

Stations and their environment

Hospitable stations are crucial assets in NS's strategy. Our stations are mobility hubs that contribute to the local environment and, as such, play a significant role in urban development.

Station renovations

In 2020, in close collaboration with ProRail and municipal authorities we completed and opened four stations, with another fifteen stations undergoing renovations.

Retail at the station

In 2020 we began leasing newly built retail spaces and found tenants for vacant shops at several stations. Leasing retail space has a considerable influence on the liveability and personal safety at our stations.

Development of station areas

A world-class station requires a world-class environment: an area that accommodates passengers and their need for transport before and after the train journey, as well as urban functions for residents, employees, leisure visitors and students.

Travelling and working in safety

Personal safety

Over the past year, we have taken various measures that should help us maintain and if possible further improve personal safety.

Occupational safety

NS reports on physical accidents using the Total Recordable Rate (TRR). This covers all occupational accidents resulting in absenteeism or otherwise, per million of hours worked. The TRR fell from 4.5 in 2019 to 3.4 in 2020 .

Railway safety

On 2 January, a DDZ train derailed in The Hague. In the incident, a guard and one passenger were slightly injured, and the tracks were seriously damaged.

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