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Our activities and achievements in the Netherlands

Our performance on the main rail network and the high-speed line

NS uses a range of indicators to measure the quality of its services on the main rail network and the high-speed line. However, this year the value of these indicators in terms of reflecting our actual efforts and performance is limited.

Customer satisfaction with the main rail network and the high-speed line

To provide a high-quality passenger experience, three core needs of passengers must be satisfied: planning control, the freedom to make their own choices, and a feeling of being appreciated.


It is one of NS's ambitions to offer equal travel opportunities to passengers with reduced mobility. This means expanding their options to travel independently, and offering assistance where necessary.


Innovations are required to strengthen NS's strategy.

Performance on the main rail network and the high-speed line

Solid performance is the basis for customer satisfaction and healthy financial results. These are crucial to keep train fares affordable and enable us to finance the necessary investments to accommodate the growth in mobility.

International connections

NS International has partnered with Deutsche Bahn, Eurostar, NMBS, ÖBB and Thalys, connecting the Netherlands with major cities and regions in Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Collaboration in the context of scheduled and unscheduled withdrawals

Large sections of rail are due for replacement over the next few years. Together with ProRail, we will make every effort to minimise inconvenience for passengers. In 2020, several projects could not go ahead or had to be modified.

Timetable for 2021

NS launched the timetable for 2021 on Sunday 13 December 2020. For 99% of passengers, the new timetable involved few surprises, with many connections continuing unchanged. On a few routes, both travel times and changeover times were reduced.

Door-to-door journey

Passengers usually set out by bicycle, sometimes on foot, or by car or another form of public transport. The end station is seldom their final destination.

Quality of NS connections to other carriers

In January and February, the quality of our connections to other transport providers was good, even though the February storms did depress the figures somewhat.

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