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Station renovations

In 2020, in close collaboration with ProRail and municipal authorities we completed and opened four stations, with another fifteen stations undergoing renovations. These projects also included the realisation of 6,900 bicycle parking spaces in total, as well as new shops and a range of facilities at the stations concerned.

  • Driebergen-Zeist station is now part of an entirely revamped station area featuring a new bus station, a parking garage for 600 cars and a supervised bicycle parking facility for 3,000 bikes with a public transport bicycle rental point. The number of platforms has been increased to four, which will make it possible to increase the frequency of trains between Arnhem and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

  • In July, the opening of the renovated Rotterdam Alexander station was transmitted live on YouTube. Thanks to this project, Rotterdam now has an extra combined train and metro station with a contemporary and inviting atmosphere.

  • In Zaandam a modern structure in the distinctive local style was built over the tracks, with a new entrance area and a bicycle parking facility for 1,400 bikes. A bicycle route connects the city centre with the western part of Zaandam.

  • The new entrance area of Den Haag Hollands Spoor station now features a new bicycle parking facility for 2,500 bikes, as well as new shops inside the station and on the square in front. All platforms are accessible by lift.

  • The projects at Maastricht station and Amsterdam Amstel station are approaching completion; both will be officially delivered in 2021.

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