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Retail at the station

In 2020 we began leasing newly built retail spaces and found tenants for vacant shops at several stations. Leasing retail space has a considerable influence on the liveability and personal safety at our stations. Together with new and existing tenants, we are exploring opportunities to expand the range of facilities at smaller stations such as tea & coffee outlets, heated waiting areas and toilets.

Responsible range of products

NS Stations aims to make it easier for customers to make responsible food choices at our stations. The share of products that are regarded as ‘more responsible choices’ ranges from 29% at Kiosk and 31% at the vending machines to 53% at Julia's. To promote responsible choices, we are exploring ways of including more responsible products in the range available in our stores.

Improvements to formats

Over the past year, through Foodsy and, Julia's rolled out its pick-up service at all of its outlets in our stations. Other entrepreneurs at the stations also use Foodsy and
In 2020, fifteen Kiosk shops were converted to fit this new concept, with its emphasis on a varying range of products over the course of the day, its attention for sustainability in shop furnishing and its focus on promoting responsible choices. Self-scan checkouts are the next step.
In June 2020, NS (Stationsfoodstore B.V.) and Albert Heijn signed a new contract to continue their collaboration at the stations.

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