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NS group

Report of the Supervisory Board

In mid-March, the COVID-19 outbreak in the Netherlands plunged the country into a deep crisis. The extremely sharp drop in passenger numbers took a heavy toll on our company.

Personal details – Supervisory Board

Appointed on 4 March 2014 until 2018, reappointed until 2022

Remuneration of the Executive Board

The members of the NS Executive Board are nominated by the Supervisory Board and appointed by the shareholder, the Ministry of Finance, for a period of no more than four years. Reappointments can be made for subsequent four-year periods.

Personal details - Executive Board as on 1 March 2021

Focus on: communication and corporate affairs, audit and risk management, legal and board secretariat, Integrity & Compliance

Corporate governance

NV Nederlandse Spoorwegen is a public limited company under Dutch law. Its registered offices are in Utrecht. NV Nederlandse Spoorwegen is the holding company of NS Groep NV.

Risk management

Risk management is all about targeting uncertainties that could impede the achievement of the strategic objectives.

Group risks

Organisational improvements

NS aspires to be an organisation characterised by an open and safe corporate culture where professional integrity is a matter of course.

Statement by the Executive Board

The Executive Board is of the opinion that the risk management and internal control systems concerning the financial reporting risks in the year under review functioned satisfactorily and give a reasonable degree of assurance that the financial

Dialogue with our stakeholders in the Netherlands

In addition to daily contact with passengers, NS maintains close relations with many different stakeholders. Thanks to this dialogue, which is based on trust, we are able to jointly seize opportunities and accept or mitigate risks at an early stage.

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