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Timetable for 2021

NS launched the timetable for 2021 on Sunday 13 December 2020. For 99% of passengers, the new timetable involved few surprises, with many connections continuing unchanged. On a few routes, both travel times and changeover times were reduced. The new timetable also includes some minor adjustments to departure and arrival times. Some of the changes:

  • Passengers travelling from the direction of Soest / Den Dolder now have several minutes to change trains, compared with half an hour in 2020, in the morning peak to Amsterdam and in the evening peak back in the direction of Soest / Den Dolder. Several minutes however have been added to the travel time between Baarn and Utrecht.

  • On Sundays, there are two Sprinter services per hour (instead of just one) between Nijmegen and Den Bosch for most of the day.

  • Travel times on several trains to Berlin will be reduced by ten minutes.

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