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It is one of NS's ambitions to offer equal travel opportunities to passengers with reduced mobility. This means expanding their options to travel independently, and offering assistance where necessary.

NS Platform Indicator App

In 2020, NS launched the NS Platform Indicator App, in collaboration with Eye Association Netherlands. Passengers who are unable to read the signs over the platforms can use the app for information about the next departure from the platform concerned, including departure time, final destination, train type (Sprinter or Intercity) and other particulars such as whether the train is delayed or should not be boarded.

Independently accessible Sprinter trains

In 2020 the number of type SNG and SLT Sprinter trains with improved accessibility increased. A high percentage of Sprinter trains are now also accessible for persons with reduced mobility.

Travel assistance

The number of stations where travel assistance is available increased by 25. In all, 168 (68%) of all stations served by NS trains now offer travel assistance. In addition, passengers requiring travel assistance now have the opportunity to meet their assistance provider at the platform of departure. This has reduced the time required for passengers to report. Since September, when this option was introduced, the share of passengers travelling with travel assistance who use the assistance provider has risen to 93%.

Preparing for the journey

Prior to departure, passengers with reduced mobility can plan their journey using the accessibility pages on We revamped these pages at the beginning of 2020, in consultation with the relevant users’ associations. Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, we posted special video clips illustrating the travel possibilities for people with reduced mobility during the pandemic. The clips cater to specific target groups, for example with sign language for the deaf and hard of hearing.

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