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Attractive and inclusive employer

NS is one of the largest employers in the Netherlands. Skilled and healthy employees are crucial for NS in putting our strategy into practice. Over the past year, our employees were confronted with a range of new challenges. We found new ways of retaining professional expertise, developing talent and leadership and encouraging the inflow of new talented people so as to emerge from the crisis as a healthy and agile organisation. Needless to say, protecting the health and well-being of our employees was a major concern over the past year.

Our employees   

  • At year-end 2020, NS had a workforce of 19,305 people in the Netherlands (17,461 FTEs) (2019: 20,074 employees and 17,742 FTEs).

  • Women made up 31% of the workforce at NS (2019: 32% (2019: 32%).

  • Of NS’s workforce, 71% were full-time employees (male/female ratio: 82%/18%) and 29% were part-time employees (male/female ratio: 37%/63%) (2019: 69% full-timers, m-f 82-18%; 31% part-timers, m-f 37-63%).

  • Of all NS staff, 93% had permanent contracts (2019: 87%) (male/female ratio: 94%/91%) and 7% had temporary contracts (male/female ratio: 6%/9% (2019: 87% permanent contracts, m-f 91-78, 13% temporary contracts, m-f 9-22%).

  • The average age of our employees was 45 (2019: 45).  

  • In 2020, NS had a flexible layer with hired personnel that represented about 4.7% of the workforce (2019: 6.1%).

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